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Syndication: Delivering the Web

Saturday, October 29th, 2005 by Jon

As a service to our readers this article will explain the way syndication is changing the web and how readers can utilize Overtime Central‘s syndication feeds to stay on top of site updates. I am in no way an expert on this subject; this is just my take on it. (more…)

Toronto Stadium Spin?

Monday, October 24th, 2005 by Jon

I am always thinking about the CFL and whether its on the way up in the curve or still in a precarious position where a tiny unfortunate incident may send it spiralling into oblivion to join the XFL and USFL. Right now I am definitely positive about its situation. I still think about this even though I feel less connected with the CFL’s success (in part because it is stronger and doesn’t need every bit of support to survive). It still is a most interesting league, where cities with 60,000 seat dome stadiums compete with small centres with less than half of the capacity. (more…)

CBC Falls Out of Favour

Friday, October 14th, 2005 by Jon

I’ve been meaning to write about the CBC for a while now. Is it just me or have you just about had enough of them as well?


Sunday, October 2nd, 2005 by Jon

This is an open post to collect your opinion on a variety of subjects.

A little background: Two plays this week and some luck helped me to a 40 point week. First, a reversed call in the Toronto-Ottawa game allowed my prediction of 29-18 to stand. Second, a blocked field goal returned for a TD (plus no convert) on the last play of the B.C.-Saskatchewan game allowed me to score points for a perfect Saskatchewan score and a 68.75% game percentage. That and some luck on Hamilton’s and Montreal’s wins help me win the week and month. After being in the basement much of the season, I now set my sights on Cowgirls and Goolash to finish with some respectability.

What do you think of:

  • 50 Percent’s (coach Jon Fedyk) perfect score in the Ottawa-Toronto game and 40 pts (66.67%) for week 15?
  • Officiating in the CFL this year?
  • Swervin’Mervyn firing Jim Fedyk and replacing him with the CFL naive John Madden?
  • The ‘Rider late season surge?
  • Fans and media calling for fewer penalties in the NHL since hockey is being ruined by all the obstruction calls?
  • Baseball’s playoff run?

Comment on any or all of these items or anything else you want to talk about.

OC Jottings

No jottings in the last 7 days. Here is a random jotting.

  • October 17, 2007
    ‘Riders, Tillman, Austin Fined for Comments → By failing to address to the ultimate question the CFL is returning to the good ol’ times of the dictator league offices where there is one line and everyone must tow it. Without an attempt at explaining on-field incidents and subsequent penalties the league only promotes the idea that they have no acceptable response. #
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