CFL Schedule Change Causes Havoc

The CFL published its 2005 schedule with two caveats stating 2 Toronto Argonaut games dates may move up by one day. Overtime Central entered the original schedule as published assuming there would be published notice if the schedule did change. We did not see any notice on and tonight Toronto played the first of these games on the new night.

Overtime Central did not catch this change, and as such the reminder email was incorrect and picks were open for the Toronto – Calgary game after the game concluded and we realized that it wasn’t Thursday. Therefore we reviewed the site logs and reverted one entry’s score to 20-21 for Toronto as they had submitted Week 10 picks after the game concluded, but we could not verify whether they had changed the score for this game. If they can produce a confirmation email dated before the game will update their picks to these values.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

2 Responses to “CFL Schedule Change Causes Havoc”

  1. Jim Says:

    Off Topic

    Team Swervin’Mervyn would like to announce that the team has relieved Manager Jim Fedyk of his duties effective immediately. Replacing Fedyk will be longtime NFL commentator John Madden.

    “We just couldn’t afford to lose any more ground,” cited Swervin’Mervyn President Mervyn Fernadez. “After a slow start, we thought collectively that Jim was turning things around, but it became evident especially after the results of this past week, that he couldn’t get the job done. We want to thank Jim for his efforts so far this season and wish him the best of luck in future endeavors.”

    Madden comes in as a rookie to the CFL Pool but Fernadez doesn’t see this as a stumbling block. “John has a lot of football experience and we think he can step in immediately and make a difference. Unfortunately for him he is seriously behind the 8-ball, but if anybody can resurrect this franchise, it’s John Madden.”

    Team Swervin’Mervyn will be playing catch up for the duration of the season as they are in danger of slipping into 6th place if they continue on their present pace. “I think we can recover, as long as we focus our energies in the proper places and put the team first,” quipped an excited Madden. “After all, I am John Madden… that oughta count for something!”

    On the other side of the ball is a disgruntled Fedyk, who departs the club heart-broken yet confident about his future. “I was shocked, but at the same time I knew it was coming. I mean… I’m like a volunteer and Mr. Fernadez still canned me! I thought I was doing him a favour by managing this team, but I guess he was taking it more seriously than I was. But really, I haven’t seen a CFL game in years so why’d he hire me in the first place! Don’t worry about me though. I got a feeling this isn’t the last time that you hear the name Jim Fedyk. I’ll be back. Whether it’s running another pool team or streaking naked down the 50 yard line during half time at a Riders game… I’LL BE BACK!!!!”

    Team S’M is back in action this weekend when Madden makes his debut in several contests. Fedyk is not expected to attend the games.

  2. jim Says:

    Madden Feeling The Heat

    Less than two weeks after his hiring, John Madden is already feeling the very real pressure of a struggling poolster. The newest Manager of the Swervin’Mervyn team has not met expectations in his initial 11 days since replacing former boss Jim Fedyk on September 20th. In fact, his team has plummeted further down the standings and have since crashed to the basement of the CFL pool. Sitting in 7th place, they are currently 8 points back of their closest competitor, BigMC.
    “We took some risks and really haven’t performed too badly, but unfortunately it hasn’t been good enough at this stage of the game,” reasoned Madden. “50 percent had a huge week and picked a near perfect weekend. It’s tough to compete with that.”
    Team 50 percent vaulted past Team S’M by having a couple of solid weeks, specifically by adding an unprecedented 40 points to their score in the last few days.
    S’M Owner Mervyn Fernadez sees many similarities between this team and the previous one that castaway Fedyk led last season. “Last year, Jim started strong but fell apart towards the end of the season. This club looks like a carbon copy, but hopefully now with Jim gone, we can leave that behind and not fall into a pattern of defeat. At the same time, with new management, we have no more excuses.”
    Asked if he let Fedyk go prematurely, Fernadez answered, “Jim made us a 5th place team. Really it doesn’t bother me whether we are 5th or 7th… we’re still losers. At least now we are no longer complacent and just trying to meet the status quo. We are challenging ourselves every week, trying to improve and climb back up the standings.”
    Like Fernadez, Madden still believes in his program and promises better in the upcoming weeks. “We have a plan and we’re going to stick with it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was this pool won in a week. Yes, time is running out, but, we have two choices. We can either feel sorry for ourselves or try to get back in the game. We’re gonna choose the latter. In sport anybody can slip up at any time. We have to be ready for any opportunities that may present themselves.”
    Team S’M has a few days off before getting back into action. The phrase ‘back to the drawing board’ seems timely and Madden will literally do just that. “We’ve got alot of tape to look at and strategy to examine. We’re not aiming at 50 percent or BigMC. We’re trying to be the best club we can be each week. Points is what wins this pool, not revenge. We’ve gotta figure out how to get as many as possible in a limited amount of time. It’s a new beginning.”
    Whether or not the S’M journey is beginning or just continuing, other member clubs seem to not be threatened by the recent shakeup. If this is a mistake, only time will tell… but for Team S’M time is their most valuable possession if they possess it at all.

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