Overtime Central Announces Cessation of Site Development

It is with much regret and disappointment that we announce the end of development on the Overtime Central site for the foreseeable future. We have been mulling over this decision since early this year when it became clear we could not produce the type of site we wanted with the amount of time we had to develop it.

Overtime Central will still remain however in its current form. The 2005 CFL Pool will run to completion. However the 2005 CFL Draft has been cancelled. Any entry fees paid for this contest will be refunded. There are no plans at this time to operate NHL contests this winter or CFL contests next year. The domain is not due for renewal for 2 years, so the site will remain until that time and possibly longer.

This may seem like a complete turnaround from the last post, where I seemed positive that a CFL Draft update was forthcoming. The fact is that was a brave face, and I certainly could have provided the Draft update and continued. However many factors resulted in the decision on Friday night to halt development.

After the decision, I felt a great relief as I was freed from the responsibility of managing the site. Much of my conflict has been over time pressures requiring me to implement the site in a partially finished state. The demands of coding to finish the site functionality cut into the time needed to implement the proper infrastructure as was the original goal. Providing the unfinished site where there has been no focus on the infrastructure, security, code management, issue/feature tracking, standards and best practices was eating at me since the goal of this hobby is to provide an opportunity to provide a web site while learning and employing these methods. Therefore I decided to halt live development on the site. I will be working on other projects, but expect to return to the Overtime Central concept and finish it properly before inviting others to use it sometime in the future.

I want to thank everyone for their patronage, patience and participation over the past 3-4 years as a web site and going back to 1996 when I operated my first hockey draft. Except for a couple years (one caused by a lockout) we operated a hockey draft each playoff and eventually regular season. CFL football contests followed. We hope to return, but if we don’t, thanks, it’s been great.

2 Responses to “Overtime Central Announces Cessation of Site Development”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Too bad. I will miss the football pools. I find your site a lot easier to navigate than FSN’s. I never understood when you had the time to do all the work though.

  2. Jim Says:

    I guess if I’m gonna win it all, it’s gonna have to be this year. Time to turn it up!!!

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