Problems? Get Solutions.

Yes there seems there was a problem with the site this week and many had issues making picks. I have received all those who submitted picks by email and I will be replying to them individually. I will enter all the picks by tonight; however, you may change them for any upcoming game as the site is working now.

What seems to have happened is the auto score/standings updater mistakenly ran on July 25, and since there were no games that day, it left an incomplete standings update which is required to view the current standings of all your teams. After Thursday’s game the standings were updated correctly allowing everyone to make picks again.

To explain further, the fact was the link to your team was not available, however you could still make picks by manually entering the URL for the contest page for your team, for example:

or you can bookmark that page or any other contest page (Make Picks, Standings, etc.). The bookmarks will work as long as you are logged on.

Despite that, we will be making the necessary changes and improvements to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Thanks for everyone’s patience.

2 Responses to “Problems? Get Solutions.”

  1. Jim Says:

    I’m kinda worried. I had no trouble making picks, yet I’m still getting whooped.

  2. Jon Says:

    It’s all fixed now, so the standings reflect everyone’s picks. I am getting badly out-witted as well. I am a disgrace to the profession. I dread the first segment draft results as they can only be worse.

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