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Overtime Central will be on hiatus until July 31. Don’t expect any posts or improvements to the site during this time. Updates to the contest standings will happen automatically, along with reminder emails thanks to the wonders of today’s technology. Also, new polls will be offered once a week.

The only thing that could bring the site down is a major power outage; however the site should be back up when power is restored. If you find the site is not accessible you can always email your picks to admin@overtimecentral.ca.

Upon our return, look for the first update to the CFL Draft contest. Hopefully our batteries will be recharged as well so we find the time to implement the changes to fulfill the final vision we have for the site.

We always look forward to your feedback. Leave your comments here, discuss among yourselves and we will respond when we return.

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OC Jottings

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  • December 14, 2006
    Expect CFL TV Deal Before Christmas → It will be interesting to see how this plays out with games either being sold off or kept. If I was the CFL, I would be looking for a contract whose value increased as more teams were added to reduce the dillution owners are worried about. Not an increase by another team’s share, but another $1 million a year perhaps. Expanding anywhere in the country would certainly increase viewership, so some benefit should come to the CFL before the next negotiation. Otherwise I can see the CFL stagnating on eight teams over franchise fees and reduced shares before they realize to grow the business they need to get into other regions of the country. #
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