The website poll this week is regarding the primary roll of the CFL site. The question is What is (or should be) the most important feature on The leading answer as of the time of this post is Statistics and live scoring with 57% of the vote. I ask all Overtime Central members to vote for this option if they agree. You can vote once a day. Hopefully an overwhelming response for this answer will lead the CFL to continue to improve these features of their site.

2 Responses to “ Poll”

  1. jim Says:

    This is off topic, but why am I getting my butt kicked so bad in the pool? Am I that out of touch with the CFL? Have the basic laws of the Canadian Football League changed? My fans aren’t happy and they’re calling for my resignation. The board said if I’m not .500 by midseason they’re gonna ship my sorry behind down the road.

    ps- I’ve voted on the CFL website today… HAVE YOU???!!!

  2. Jon Says:

    I am way off this year for some reason too, although the outcomes have not been that surprising. Despite my team moniker, I will be hard pressed to make 50 percent too. That no one is at that mark is my only saving grace.

    Back on topic, updated their poll today (what, only leaving a poll up for 3-4 days! The horror!). The question is: delivers statistics in a complete, timely and easily accessible format.
    Strongly agree
    Strongly Disagree

    Checking the stats page, they have reverted their stats back to Acrobat documents. This is jepordizing the OC CFL Draft. I need all OC supporters to vote for Disagree or Strongly Disagree if you agree with that stance.

    Working towards a better

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