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CFL Weeks 1 and 2 — Baker Suspended for Dustup — Site Fixes and Changes — NHL Lockout Near End?

CFL Weeks 1 and 2

Nothing too surprising in CFL Weeks 1 and 2. Before you start positing comments about Ottawa’s upset of Montreal on Canada Day, let’s be clear that Ottawa will need to pull off a string of 4 or 5 victories against some other league leaders and teams before I will consider them a surprise. If there offence and defence plays to their potential, they certainly can give any team a challenge. Their difficulty has been it getting their offence or defence or both to play to the level needed to win.

Baker Suspended for Dustup

I was thoroughly shocked when I read the report that Robert Baker would be suspended by the Argos for Week 3 along with other actions as a result of his sideline altercation with Noel Prefontaine. Reading the release from the Argos completely however leads me to think that this was a well thought out decision that was made by the team, not just management. I don’t want to be coming down on the side of disciplinary action being too harsh, so I am apt to accept the actions imposed as appropriate, despite my bias regarding Toronto’s Week 3 opponent. All in all, it must be one of the strangest situations where an internal conflict due to an alleged gross misconduct by the opposition results in this type of disciplinary action.

Site Fixes and Changes

Site tweaks have been made to mainly the Pool contest sections in the past week. A lot of time has been spent on updating the automated tool to get CFL scores and update the site so it is compatible with the new technology we have adopted. We expect it to be deployed for automatic updates for Week 3 and we will work out any final bugs we may find.

One design change just introduced is a reduction of the font size on the sidebar. We hope this brings the page focus more to the content section of the page. Let us know what you think about this or any other design changes you think we should undertake.

NHL Lockout Near End?

By all reports, the NHL and NHLPA are very close to an agreement that will result in NHL hockey starting on time for the 2005-06 season. While estimates range from weeks to days for an agreement, it seems that the past year being rather pointless for both sides if it took that long for them to start seriously negotiating. This news, along with the new NHL Competition Committee, has the media drooling over a new, exciting NHL, revitalized and all its problems fixed for the fall. My excitement level is non-existent due to my feelings that the new collective bargaining agreement (due to agreements around free agency and the draft) and rule changes will leave the NHL a very volatile and messy league for at least one season.

But what do you think?

2 Responses to “Notebook Page 2”

  1. jim Says:

    Sounds like Baker clocked him pretty good!!!

  2. Jon Says:

    Jim: There was some in your face words, pushing and pulling Baker off the field (who was upset because allegedly a Calgary player spit in his face in front of an official and there was no call), and once on the sidelines Prefontaine was still jawing at him when Baker let loose with a quick left hand. Apparently bloodied Prefontaine’s lip. At that point players and coaches had to keep them separated. The melee would have been quite distracting for the players and coaches who should have been focussed on the next play. Baker did come back into the game later and caught a TD pass.

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