Overtime Central Sponsored Leagues

Overtime Central is once again sponsoring Leagues in third-party CFL Fantasy Games. Sign up and compete with your Overtime Central brethren. If you don’t beat somebody at Overtime Central, you just might at one of these contests, and maybe win a prize.

For the FSN Pick the Winners and Pick 10 Challenge, use the League name of Overtime Central and password of cfl2005.

Sportsnet also has an interesting CFL Survivor contest going on. You pick one team to win each week. You are given three lives, once you are wrong three times, you are out. You may only pick each team to win three times during the season also. The winner is the sole survivor at the end of the season or if needed playoffs. I didn’t check it out until this week so get signed up now, you will have a random pick generated for Week 1 and you may still have three lives left. To join the Overtime Central League for the Survivor contest, use League OvertimeCentral and password cfl2005.

Thanks, good luck and have fun!

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