First Week Standings

Standings have been updated for the first week of the season for the 2005 CFL Pool.

In addition some bug fixes have been applied. The most important was a bug which was preventing entries from updating their preferences. So if you want to get email updates, reminders or confirmation of picks, be sure to update your preferences now. The mailings will start with Week 2.

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OC Jottings

No jottings in the last 7 days. Here is a random jotting.

  • August 21, 2007
    Reporter Makes Incorrect Statement About Kickoff Scoring → Not exactly true:

    The CFL has quietly stopped awarding a point for kickoffs that go into or through the endzone.

    As far as I remember, this has been in place for a few years now. The CFL wouldn’t silently stop awarding points unless the rule was changed this year and I know it wasn’t on the list of 2007 changes. I couldn’t track down a rule books to prove when it was changed, though. Anyone have any idea when this changed? #
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