Update on Updates

We are working out the final bugs in our new update program. We want to double check everything one more time so are delaying updating the standings until Monday night. Until then, here are the preliminary standings for Week 1.

Entry (Points)
Green Monster (31)
Davin Bull Dogs (29)
bigmc (24)
Cowgirls (22)
Goolash (22)
Swervin’Mervyn (22)
50 percent (18)

In addition, we will be announcing tomorrow our decision about extending the first player pick date for the CFL Draft and excluding the first week of scores for the CFL Pool in an effort to provide a fairer playing field due to issues with the site and attract some more late entries.

If you have any comments, leave them here, especially if you have some people you wish to sign up and would like the deadlines extended.

Update: With the new update program will come emailed updates and reminders if you signed up for them. Sorry for not having that in effect prior to Week 1.

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OC Jottings

No jottings in the last 7 days. Here is a random jotting.

  • February 2, 2007
    Bombers Ask for Developer Proposals → Wanting a competing bid to the David Asper proposal, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have advertised for developer proposals for new stadium development or stadium improvements. Wanting to increase their revenue streams, they still do not explain how any developer is supposed to make money off of any development that costs more than the football club can afford. #
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