CFL Contest Kick-off

The new Overtime Central will be officially launched with the start of our two 2005 CFL contests. This year no advertising will be undertaken to solicit entries so we will see how we do in the number of entries. Both contests get started June 22 with the start of the CFL season.

One note on the CFL draft contest. Player lists have been populated to the best of our ability based on training camp rosters. Updates will be made before the start of the season to correct any player movement or cuts. This will continue through the season, since the contest involves picking players for segments during the season. If there is a player you would like to pick but don’t see in the select box, please email us and we will do our best to add them for you.

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OC Jottings

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  • February 28, 2007
    Dickenson Wants CFL Contracts Guaranteed → Guaranteed contracts are considered harmful to sports leagues. Real life says employers should be able to let you go at any time based on performance (if someone younger, better, cheaper comes along, I’m out of a job too). If you can still play, you can find work with another team. If you can’t, it will be time to start the second part of your life. A guaranteed contract that forces a team to pay you whether you are performing or not only encourages mediocrity, something that should be eliminated from all aspects of our society. A player has no right to guarantee his employment in a certain city because he likes it there. Sports is performance driven, get used to it. #
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