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Overtime Central Sponsored Leagues

Tuesday, June 28th, 2005 by Jon

Overtime Central is once again sponsoring Leagues in third-party CFL Fantasy Games. Sign up and compete with your Overtime Central brethren. If you don’t beat somebody at Overtime Central, you just might at one of these contests, and maybe win a prize.

For the FSN Pick the Winners and Pick 10 Challenge, use the League name of Overtime Central and password of cfl2005.

Sportsnet also has an interesting CFL Survivor contest going on. You pick one team to win each week. You are given three lives, once you are wrong three times, you are out. You may only pick each team to win three times during the season also. The winner is the sole survivor at the end of the season or if needed playoffs. I didn’t check it out until this week so get signed up now, you will have a random pick generated for Week 1 and you may still have three lives left. To join the Overtime Central League for the Survivor contest, use League OvertimeCentral and password cfl2005.

Thanks, good luck and have fun!

CFL Draft Deadline Extended

Monday, June 27th, 2005 by Jon

The initial pick deadline for the Overtime Central 2005 CFL Draft has been extended to July 7, 5:30 PM CST (MDT). This change was made so entry managers can evaluate the CFL talent for a few weeks before making their first selections. Stats and fantasy points will still be accumulated from the start of the season. If you know of anyone who wishes to sign up, point them to the site.

Site updates coming this week to accommodate this change will be a posting of the 2005 CFL Draft rules and scoring guidelines and an update of the player lists to better reflect the active players and their respective teams.

It has been decided that the 2005 CFL Pool will officially start with Week 1 of the season. It didn’t seem fair to throw out good results for some entries. Entries are still open, and with a long season and surprise monthly and weekly prizes, signing up can still be worthwhile to anyone.

Let us know what you think. Leave your feedback here.

First Week Standings

Monday, June 27th, 2005 by Jon

Standings have been updated for the first week of the season for the 2005 CFL Pool.

In addition some bug fixes have been applied. The most important was a bug which was preventing entries from updating their preferences. So if you want to get email updates, reminders or confirmation of picks, be sure to update your preferences now. The mailings will start with Week 2.

Update on Updates

Sunday, June 26th, 2005 by Jon

We are working out the final bugs in our new update program. We want to double check everything one more time so are delaying updating the standings until Monday night. Until then, here are the preliminary standings for Week 1.

Entry (Points)
Green Monster (31)
Davin Bull Dogs (29)
bigmc (24)
Cowgirls (22)
Goolash (22)
Swervin’Mervyn (22)
50 percent (18)

In addition, we will be announcing tomorrow our decision about extending the first player pick date for the CFL Draft and excluding the first week of scores for the CFL Pool in an effort to provide a fairer playing field due to issues with the site and attract some more late entries.

If you have any comments, leave them here, especially if you have some people you wish to sign up and would like the deadlines extended.

Update: With the new update program will come emailed updates and reminders if you signed up for them. Sorry for not having that in effect prior to Week 1.

Back In Business

Monday, June 20th, 2005 by Jon

Yes, there was a bug preventing anyone from signing up for new contests. This has now been corrected so get your entries in.

We apologize for any confusion this error caused. The site was tested, this problem was found and corrected, however it was not corrected in the development stream, and was later regressed when other changes were promoted. Once we get our new development environment set-up (this and work for the CFL contests have both taken a back seat the past two weeks) this type of error should not happen again.

If you find any other problems, errors or otherwise confusing or missing aspects of the site report them using the report problem link in the upper left or leave a comment to this post.

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