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The OC Notebook will be a collection of short jottings that don’t warrant a whole post on their own. There may be quick site and contest news updates, comments on sporting news and other links and commentary.

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New CFL Jerseys — World Hockey Championships — Not Missing Hockey — OC 2005 CFL Contest Plans

CFL Unveils New Jerseys

Our initial thoughts regarding the CFL’s nine teams all introducing newly designed home and road jerseys this month is that they don’t look too bad. One concern is that they are attempting to unify the jersey look of the whole league, with the jerseys given some shared traits. This along with the fact they were all introduced at the same time gives the impression of a new, cookie-cutter league and not the tradition of the league and its franchises. Adjusting the color of the Roughrider Green is a radical step, considering 15 years ago the ‘Riders were trying to get a handle on all the manufacturers legitimately and illegitimately producing merchandise in many different shades of green. Now by adjusting the color and looks in every CFL city, they obsolete all existing souvenir wear and create demand for the new version. This is the payback for Reebok, who will make most of the merchandise, but it is unfortunate for those who feel they have to shell out more money and for the unnecessary waste of resources it produces.

No OC World Hockey Championship Contests

Overtime Central decided against holding any contests around the 2005 World Hockey Championship. The reasons were due to the workload around getting the site in shape for the 2005 CFL contests scheduled and due to our lack of interest in hockey at this time of year.

Not Missing Hockey

As seen above, we are not missing hockey at all. The lack of NHL playoffs in May has meant many more nights to enjoy outside when the weather has been fine, and when it hasn’t we have been working on the OC site.

CFL Contest Plans

Plans at this stage are to offer both 2005 CFL draft and CFL pool contests. The draft will be a simple pick six offensive players over 5 segments. The pool will be a standard pick-the-score contest with one noticeable change from the past. The default score will now be 21-20 victory for the home team in regulation time.

If plans proceed as normal and we don’t decide to revamp the site again, OC will be expanding their contest offerings in 2006. This will include rotisserie style drafts and other new contest styles.

2 Responses to “OC Notebook – Page 1”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I haven’t heard anything about the league unveiling new jerseys. I must be out of touch. I’m a little dissappointed that the fiddled with the Rider green though. I will have to wait and see it.

  2. Jon Says:

    Cindy: Check out these links to get a look.

    CFL Website

    Slam! Sports Jersey Gallery

    The change in rider green is hardly noticeable, but they did say they did it.

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