Overtime Central Launches v4.0

On Saturday, April 9, 2005 Overtime Central was offline for about six hours as technicians performed the migration and upgrade of the Overtime Central site to a new site design and management software.

Visitors will first notice the new look, which is still being tweaked and will continue to be likely until June. As of implementation most base features are available, logon, view portfolio, view contest entry, etc. We are next working on finishing functionality to allow updates, add additional pages, etc. We ask that you be patient, we do plan on being fully operational by June in time for our next contests.

As part of the upgrade a slight redesign of the site took place. The layout and site flow was examined and redone to provide hopefully a better browsing experience of our application. We have reduced the number of clicks needed to get to what you want to see (your contest entry page) while placing lesser used items out of the way. We have also standardized and reduced the number of pages available from each contest page, combinging statistics into one page. Please feel free to add your comments on the site flow and design, we will try to incorporate any logical suggestions into the site.

In addition to the visible changes, Overtime Central also moved to different web server, database, scripting language and management software. By adopting these new, open source, products Overtime Central guarantees that it can maintain a web prescence well into the future without any burdens. This adoption also has allowed us to implement many new features, the first and most obvious being an Overtime Central “blog” (you are reading a blog entry now) with visitors able to leave comments on various posts. We also provide RSS feeds for those who wish to subscribe via newsreader software. This can be a great way to be notified of site updates without visiting the site everyday. In the next year we hope to implement a lot of the features we have promised in the past. Stay tuned to this space for announcements when they are forthcoming.

Again thanks for your patience and your comments are welcome.

3 Responses to “Overtime Central Launches v4.0”

  1. Jim Says:

    Site looks sharp and seems to be on its way. Looking forward to the CFL draft.

  2. Grant Says:

    looks good

  3. Jon Says:

    Jim, Grant: Thanks, we hope to provide a better site for all the poolies out there.

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